Fire Barrier Survey (Statement of Conditions)

We can help you maintain your fire-rated barriers to code with our exclusive Barrier Management Program.

LSS Life Safety Services® (LSS) can help you maintain your fire-rated barriers. Thus, providing a long term solution for maintaining the integrity of your fire safety system.

In fact, the NFPA 101 states all penetrations that pass through a wall, floor or floor/ceiling assembly constructed as a fire barrier, shall be protected by a fire system or device. The third issue most often cited by the Joint Commission is related to fire barrier penetrations such as, fire door issues and duct issues.

 LSS’ Barrier Management Program includes:

  • Code required six year fire and smoke damper inspection
  • Quarterly or annual fire door inspection
  • A Quarterly or annual fire-rated wall firestop survey with minor repairs
  • Quarterly or annual above ceiling inspection, including electrical items (e.g. Open junction boxes), and sprinkler lines (e.g. Wires tied to sprinkler lines or missing hangers).
  • All reporting available through LSS’ exclusive web-based software, LSS Site Surveyor ®. All of your barrier management reporting is located in one location. This makes for easy reporting, simplified management, and professional presentation to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Turn-key service provider –LSS can also provide repair services for your passive fire protection deficiencies

5 Key Lessons in Fire Barrier Management – LSS Life Safety Services®