Firestop Survey


A firestop survey is an inspection that determines where breached fire-resistant walls and ceilings are located within the building. Firestopping is a passive fire protection system used to seal openings in fire resistance-rated walls and/or floor assemblies. Based on the survey results, the necessary repairs can begin to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. Our experience combined with firestop training from industry leaders such as Specified Technologies Inc. (STI), Hilti and 3M, allows us to provide the right mix of industry background and training to remain an industry leader in firestop surveys and installation.

LSS Life Safety Services conducts surveys in a variety of different sectors including education, hotels, leisure, industrial and Health. Specifically, our surveys focus on the breaches to compartmentation of a building and will provide a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of penetrations within compartment walls and floors throughout the building.

A professional firestopping survey can not only help you develop a fire stopping strategy for the future but it can also help locate damaged areas in an existing fire stopping system.


• A detailed fire barrier survey; Statement of Conditions (SOC), including type of barrier, description of penetration/opening needing firestop installation and recommended UL-classified firestop

• Minor firestop installation (“Caulk and Walk”) completed during the survey

• Also, digital pictures of the penetration/opening in need of repair will be provided.

Include Firestopping In Your Life Safety Plan – LSS Life Safety Services®

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