Above Ceiling Inspections

    Above Ceiling Inspections

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    We can help you maintain your fire-rated barriers to code.

    Fire safety above ceiling is one of the most common inspections that is required by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Your facility is constantly changing – from upgrades in IT equipment to renovations, mechanical work is often performed above ceiling and left in less than perfect condition by contractors. LSS technicians are familiar with the building and fire codes that are mandated above ceiling.
    Our above ceiling inspection services include:

    • Survey above ceiling penetrations an perform minor firestop repairs

    • Prepare a schedule of installation repairs for fire-rated barriers

    • Install missing junction box covers

    • Remove wires from sprinkler lines and hangers and use zip-ties to connect above ceiling

    • Master report with digital documentation via our web-based inspection software, LSS Site Surveyor

    The above ceiling inspection is included with our routine barrier management program

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