Firestopping Installation

The 2006 International Fire Code and the 2009 International Fire Code both require the routine maintenance of fire barrier walls.  Walls should be properly repaired when damaged, altered, breached or penetrated. Any penetrations found should be repaired with approved methods capable of resisting the passage of smoke and fire.

You understand how critical it is to maintain the integrity of your facility’s fire-rated walls, that’s why it is important to contract with a firm that has the experience in working in large commercial facilities such as yours.  Our experience and industry training from industry leaders such as STI, Hilti and 3M make us your safest choice when it comes to performing the firestop installation and survey services in your facility.

Firestop Installation services include:

  • Installation of UL classified firestop system based on SOC
  • Preparation of submittal documents for AHJ submission
  • Master report with digital documentation listing UL classified firestop system installed available via our web-based inspection software, LSS SiteSurveyor