Firestopping Installation

Firestopping Installation

Maintaining the integrity of a facility’s passive fire protection system is critical, choosing the right partner is equally important. Our customer base consists of more than 1,500 healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 companies, and all types of building occupancies. With this in mind, our experience makes us an industry leader in firestop and installation.

Of course, the construction industry will find many manufacturers of firestopping products. So, choosing the right product is a critically important task, ensuring the outcome achieves the required levels of fire resistance. LSS Life Safety Services is an expert in specifying the most effective components to slow the spread of smoke and fire should the worst occur in your facility.

LSS Life Safety Services is FM Certified with DRI Certified managers on staff. Our installers are OSHA 10 trained, STI FIT Level Certified, and have extensive installation experience with STI, 3M, and HILTI systems.

LSS Life Safety Services® : FM 4991-certified to provide firestop installation services

• Install UL classified Firestop systems based on Statement of Conditions

•Prepare submittal documents to submit to AHJ

•Master report with Digital Documentation listing UL classified Fire Stop systems installed

Firestopping Survey is also available which offers a detailed fire barrier survey, Statement of Conditions (SOC), including the type of barrier, description of penetration needing firestop installation, and recommended UL-system

Firestop Installation Systems To Prevent The Spread Of Fire – LSS Life Safety Services®