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    Fire Door Inspections

    IMG_0346Fire-rated doors are an integral part of your building’s overall fire protection system. An operating fire door, just like a properly operating fire damper, is a key component to the compartmentalization of a building to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke and toxic fumes.  If the fire door assembly isn’t working properly, your facility is at risk.

    Annual fire door inspections were introduced with the adoption of the 2007 Edition of NFPA 80.  The newest standard requires that fire-rated doors be tested for functionality no less than annually and that a written record of the inspection be kept on file for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  LSS’ fire door inspection protocol is one of the industry’s most detailed.  Our certified fire door inspection team can help you ensure that your fire doors are code compliant and are working properly and provide you with proof for you AHJ with the best report in the business.  Our web-based report includes:

    • Detailed Project Statistics

      • Total Doors, Compliant vs. Non-Compliant

      • Total number of each category of Fire-Rated Door

      • Most Common Reasons for Failure

      • Locations Per Floor / Building

      • Percentages of Non-Compliance by Fire Rate Assembly Component

    • Detailed Inventory of all the facility’s fire doors (including but not limited to):

      • Door Location, number, rating, door handing, reasons for non-compliance.

      • Digital Documentation of some non-compliance issues to provide AHJs and the facility’s insurance providers.

      • Door repairs available, including adjustments to gaps, installing missing screws, repairing holes in the door/frame, silencers, gasketing, etc.

    LSS can also offer package program to inspect a percentage of your facility’s dampers while performing the annual inspection of your fire and smoke doors, giving you the best value possible. Contact us today for more information.

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