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Price Match Guarantee On Dampers, Fire Door Inspections & Firestopping

Damper Inspection
Price Match 2020

LSS Life Safety Services® (LSS), an industry leader in passive fire protection inspection and repair services is proud to offer you our Price Match Guarantee. Bring a qualified quote* from a competitor and we’ll match that price. We are offering this program for Fire/Smoke Damper Inspections, Fire Door Inspections, and Firestopping Surveys.  

Passive Fire Protection systems do not require any motion or action in order to function. Fire and Smoke Dampers prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ductwork of a facility. Fire Doors, if kept closed, help contain fire and smoke from spreading throughout a facility, while also providing a safe and easy evacuation route. Firestopping seals any gaps and holes in fire walls/barriers in order to compartmentalize a building into section to prevent smoke and fires from spreading. Each system helps to slow the spread of both fire and smoke, while helping to guide occupants safely out of danger. But to ensure that a building and everyone inside will be completely protected, it needs to be properly maintained and up-to-date with all relevant codes and standards.

LSS Life Safety Services® (LSS) has provided fire and life safety services to well over 25,000 facilities across the country. With nearly twenty years of experience serving commercial facilities, LSS is a proven leader among facility safety service companies, holds a GSA schedule contract, and is a proud member the Premier Group Purchasing Organization.

LSS is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE), the Firestop Contractor’s International Association (FCIA), the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), and many other local and state organizations and industry-specific groups. Additionally, LSS is an FM 4991 approved firestop contractor and has multiple certified fire door inspectors on staff.  These highly respected memberships and certifications help us stay current with industry trends and any new code requirements that pertain to fire and smoke damper inspections, fire door inspections and barrier management services.

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*Qualified Quote: Must be a quote that is clearly from another firm, and clearly shows the price.  The amount of work must be for the exact same quantity that LSS is providing, and for the same statement of work. LSS reserves the right to make the final determination if a quote qualifies for the price match program.

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