AT&T & LSS Life Safety Services®

For nearly 10 years, LSS has worked with AT&T to ensure your facilities across the country are in compliance with local and state fire codes.

Our partners play a critical role in roadmap development and service line enhancements through unparalleled transparency. In a true partnership, we arm you with the critical fire safety service offerings you need to satisfy your fire safety compliance needs.

We’re excited to empower you with the best services and customer success network in the business so you can maintain compliance with the inspections you need to keep your facilities safe and the reporting you need to satisfy strict AHJ requirements.

Service Offerings

The NFPA states that should a damper be found deficient during routine maintenance and inspection, repair should begin as soon as possible. Per requirements of NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, LSS repair services can ensure your dampers are working properly and are code compliant. Damper repair services include:

Stay in compliance with local and state building codes by contracting with the company that is an expert in passive fire protection systems and repairs.

Please email your dedicated contact for a custom quote today or to schedule your inspection at: [email protected].