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UVC Light Disinfection Systems in Medical and Dental Offices

Facility Cleaning

Medical facilities of all types demand the highest standards of cleanliness; that’s why UVC Light Disinfection is important to the health and safety of employees and patients. Mold, bacteria, viruses, odor-causing and potentially toxic volatile organic compounds are infectious threats. These threats are one of the most serious invisible health threats in healthcare facilities. In settings such as medical and dental offices airborne pathogens can be spread by the air system threatening the health of patrons and exposing facility owners to liability risks.

Thorough cleaning and UVC disinfection on medical surfaces and in HVAC systems are essential elements of effective infection prevention programs. UVC Light Disinfection for medical and dental offices is a safe, scientifically proven and well established technology that has been used for decades. These specialized lamps produce an ultraviolet (UV) light that disrupts growth and deactivates existing growths, aiding in the disinfection of surfaces, water and more. This can keep you and occupants healthy. UVC Light Disinfection tools your facility can use to help protect building occupants are SterilWand, Mobile Remote UVC System, and UVC Light for HVAC Systems, Ceiling/Wall Mountable UVC Systems and UVC Light Disinfection for PTAC and Fan Coil Units.



The UVC Light Disinfection Wand packages UVC technology in a versatile, hand-held device designed to deactivate surface mold, bacteria, viruses and yeast. The wand is ideal for medical environments. Approved by the USDA and FDA for surface decontamination, UVC has long been known for its ability to control naturally occurring microbes. The UVC Wand is suitable for a variety of specialized uses for surface decontamination and mold remediation. UVC Light Disinfection Wand is:

  • Chemical Free
  • Cost Effective
  • Green Alternative
  • Product bulb lasts 9,000 hours
  • Weight: 5 lbs.


Mobile Remote UVC System

The Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System is multi-patented and scientifically proven. Bring the power of highly concentrated germicidal UVC disinfection technology wherever it is needed for air and surfaces in healthcare facilities. The Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System provides infection control in hospitals/healthcare centers and schools; mold and bacteria control in food processing areas; and surface treatment in laboratories to prevent cross-contamination. Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System:

  • Delivers the highest UV Output
  • 360° disinfectant power/ capability
  • Portable UVC where and when you need it
  • Great for full-room sanitizing
  • App-enabled


UVC Light for HVAC Systems

UVC Light for Coils is designed to save energy and maintenance costs associated with commercial HVAC Systems. Mold (biofilm) on coils of only 0.002 can reduce efficiency by 37%. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the most cost-effective and practical solution. The system also improves indoor air quality by sterilizing airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens. UVC Light for HVAC System benefits includes:

  • 99.9% surface disinfection
  • Sterilizes mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • Disinfects coil & drain pan
  • Improves HVAC efficiency
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces odor


Ceiling/Wall Mountable UVC Systems

The Ceiling/Wall Mountable UVC System is designed to provide rapid and effective on-site biological decontamination and sterilization within surgical suites and patient rooms utilizing high powered UVC energy. It can be installed in either a ceiling or a wall. The UVC Panel attacks pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold, on surfaces and in the air. Its UVC Emitters provide the best and longest-lasting UVC performance available. Ceiling/Wall Mountable UVC System is:

  • Energy efficient
  • 9000 hours of usage
  • Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses where they lurk
  • Mounts flush with ceiling or into a wall


UVC Light Disinfection for PTAC and Fan Coil Units

UVC Light Disinfection for PTAC and Fan Coil Units allows healthcare facilities the benefits of germicidal lighting in these limited space applications. The installation features a low-profile lamp with a metal shield and mounting magnet providing optimum exposure in tight spaces. The benefits are numerous including reduction of bacteria, viruses, mold and odors. UVC Light Disinfection for PTAC and Fan Coil Units benefits includes:

  • 110-277 VAC electronic power supply with flexible mounting options
  • Installs in tight spaces such as PTACs and Fan Coil Units Weather resistant, remote mountable
  • 18-32 or 110-277 VAC power supply


Not only are UVC lighting systems great from protecting against bacteria and viruses, but preventing the spread of infection with Respiratory Hygiene Stations is also important for your employees and patients.

For more information about using UVC Light Disinfection Systems, check out our webinar, UVC Disinfection Systems In Medical and Dental Offices

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