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Start Right In 2020 With Routine Barrier Management Services

Damper Inspection

Its 2020, a new year and decade, and everybody wants to start the New Year right. As a facility manager, director of operations and engineer, the overall fire safety of your building should be high on your to do list. If your local AHJ visited your facility tomorrow, would your fire and life safety systems fall within code standards? Do you have a complete barrier management program in place? If not, you not only run the risk of receiving a hefty fine, but most importantly the occupants of your building are in danger. So, what should you include in your routine fire and smoke barrier management plan?


Fire and Smoke Door / Overhead Rolling Door Inspections

Doors are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between fire barriers. It serves as a regular door by giving you an easy outlet during a fire, while compartmentalizing the building to help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. The best places for a fire door is leading to a stairwell or any horizontal exits, hazardous areas, hallways or corridors, and any fully enclosed room to another.


Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections

Dampers are used in ducts to prevent the spread of fire within the duct work through fire-resistance rated walls and floors. When the temperature rises, it melts the fusible link, which shuts the damper and prevents the spread of flame. Similarly, smoke dampers are used in duct work designed to resist the passage of air and smoke. Typically a smoke detector will send a signal to the smoke damper that will close by an actuator when smoke is detected. Lastly, a combination damper, which is a fire and smoke damper, are used in areas where both fire and smoke barriers are located to prevent the passage of both flames and smoke.



Fire Barriers / Walls compartmentalize a building into sections to help contain both fire and smoke to one location. Firestopping is essentially the maintenance of fire barrier walls. It is crucial that walls be properly repaired when damaged, altered, breached or penetrated in any way. Caulking is the procedure used to seal joints in structures and some types of piping.



LSS is also offering environmental cleaning services to provide your facility with a safe and clean work environment.

· Combustible Dust Remediation

· Commercial HVAC Systems Cleaning


So, start right in 2020 with a routine barrier management plan!

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