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LSS Life Safety Services® has been performing fire safety inspections in over 25,000 facilities across the globe, and found that most facilities were spending time justifying risks after an accident rather than trying to detect or prevent them. Fortunately, there has been a huge shift in how safety is viewed within organizations. Many Companies are now adopting a prevention-based approach but are learning that the cost of hiring a third party inspection company to perform the inspection is creating restrictions on facility budgets. Therefore Safenetix, the newest brand under the LSS Holdings umbrella, was introduced to help companies train their employees on the skillsets they need to perform these test and inspections themselves.

Born from some of the sharpest minds in the safety industry, Safenetix has one mission: “making the world safer, one building at a time”. Safenetix is an online safety training company, leveraging the latest technology to equip clients with the skillsets they need to ensure that the installation, inspection and best safety practices in facilities are carried out properly, effectively and consistently. To keep up with growing demand, Safenetix is transferring knowledge in the fire and life safety inspections arena and sharing with you, facility experts, the knowledge needed to keep facilities safe. Once you’re trained, you’ll be prepared with the tools you need to perform the inspection in the field. So, you might be wondering how exactly does it work?

Safenetix Online Fire Safety Inspection Training

Acquire Training – Acquire industry-leading training from recognized fire safety experts through Safenetix eLearning Portal.

Download the App – Download cutting-edge fire safety inspection app to guide you through the inspection process. Safenetix is constantly adding to their catalog of online training courses. Currently, course offerings are centered on fire safety inspections and include:

  • Fire Door inspection Training
  • Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection Training
  • Rolling Steel Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test
  • Emergency Light Inspection Training
  • Rated Walls and Fire Barriers Training
  • Elevator Curtain Inspection Training

Perform the inspection – Perform the asset inspection in your facility through step-by-step inspection process.

Code Compliance – Report includes all code compliant information ready to hand off to your AHJ.

Yes it’s that simple! Benefits of Safenetix online training include:

Cost Effective – Get the training you need for a fraction of the costs that are normally associated with classroom training. No traveling, hotels, learning materials or other associated costs.

Improved Performance & Productivity – Online training allows you the opportunity to grow your skill set professionally. To make it even easier, you can access training courses at any time and at your own pace – so learning doesn’t have to conflict with other important aspects of your life

Convenient & Flexible – Online courses allow you the flexibility to learn from anywhere and on your own schedule. Our safety courses give you the ability to access “just in time” training as code requirements change. You’ll always have the most accurate training information at your fingertips.

Easy Access to Information – Take the paper out of your training equation by accessing our state-of-the-art learning management system. You’ll have access to training collateral, forums and other important resources in one location.

Interested in learning how to perform these fire and life safety inspections? Click Here to get started with your online learning or download the app.

Safenetix also offers onsite training! For more information, Contact Us Here to arrange an on-site training visit.

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