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    Long Term Care

    hospital2Making sure all aspects of your passive fire protection system are in good working condition allows you to best protect your elderly residents in the event of a fire. If the components of your passive fire protection system are working properly, it will help to compartmentalize the fire to its area of origin. By containing the fire to one area, facility personnel and first responders can safely evacuate those residents that can’t get out by themselves.

    When it comes to Senior Living, safety is your top priority. LSS has worked in thousands of nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the country and are experts in the code requirements that mandate the inspection and maintenance of your facility’s fire protection systems.

    Service Code Required
    Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection & RepairNFPA 101, NFPA 80, NFPA 105
    Fire Door InspectionNFPA 101, NFPA 80
    Firestop Survey & InstallationNFPA 101, 2006 & 2009 International Fire Code
    Photoluminescence2009 IBC and IFC

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