Assisted Living Home

LSS was contracted to perform fire door inspections and remediation project for an assisted living facility.  The facility had never had a complete fire door inspection, so needed a complete inventory completed, then an inspection to be in compliance with NFPA 80, 105, and 101, as well as CMS compliance.  Given that the fire doors had never been inspected, the facility anticipated a significant number of repairs, and wanted LSS to quickly turnaround a repair team to remediate the doors and keep their facility in compliance.

How LSS Helped the Client:

  • LSS’ fire door inspections and repairs put the facility’s doors in compliance with NFPA 80, NFPA 105, NFPA 101, and CMS for the first time.
  • LSS by having inspectors, repair technicians, and being an ANSI / ISO Certified fire door labeling company provided the client one source for all fire door needs; saving the client time, money, and continuity of service.
  • Leaving the client with functioning fire doors, made the facility overall safer for the residents and staff in the event of a fire, or an emergency where the doors are a critical part of the means of egress.

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