Long-Term Care Facility

Long-Term Care Facility that had been a client of LSS’ for over 10 years, with LSS performing fire door inspection and repair, and fire and smoke dmaper inspection and repair, reached out to LSS’ local sales representative in Orlando asking for assistance on new Requirements of Participation (RoP) requirements put into place by CMS, starting with Phase 1 in November 2016.

How LSS Helped the Client:

  • The client had numerous missing policies and procedures either not completed at all, or documented but not being implemented. The LSS survey allowed the client to determine where they were falling short and not risk their CMS Certification and risk lose the potential for Medicare and Medicaid funding.
  • The survey helped multiple members of the staff understand the importance and implications of the RoPs on the facility, the residents, themselves, and ultimately their jobs. Previously it appeared that many of the staff members did not appear to understand the significance of the new RoPs.

Project Overview:

  • Days 1 and 2 of Consulting Engagement – LSS Consulting Team spent the first two days of the consulting engagement utilizing our own internal detailed checklist which consist of the RoP requirements (as listed in the first bullet point), and systematically went through the client’s documents to, one ensure that the client had the required documents, two ensure that the required documents were complete and met regulatory requirements, and three document where there were deficiencies in the client’s documentation.
  • Day 3 and 4 of Consulting Engagement – LSS Consulting Team conducting interviews with various members of the client’s staff. The interviews ranged from interviews with Human Resources, Facilities Management/Housekeeping, Nursing Staff, and several members of Administration.  The purpose of the interview was to garner if key members of the staff truly understood the RoPs and how to implement them, and determine if the written procedures and rules were actually being implemented.
  • Day 5 of the Consulting Engagement – LSS Consulting Team debriefed the Administrator of the facility, who also wanted HR included in the closeout meeting. The meeting went over high-level findings and immediate action items.  The meeting also described what the report would include that would be delivered by LSS in the following weeks.
  • Post Project – Following the conclusion of the onsite consulting, LSS completed a report that was presented to the Administrator. The report detailed the findings of the survey and had corresponding action items, rated with the severity of the action item.

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