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Commissioning Process in Manufacturing Facilities

Damper Inspection

Damper commissioning and fire door commissioning services are important elements during a building’s design and construction phase. As an industrial client, finding the right contractor to work in a manufacturing facility, can be quite the challenge. Not only that, but acquiring a contractor that is experienced in inspection and code requirements, as well as meets the plant’s safety requirements, can be a chore. Therefore, it is important to understand what the commissioning process is and what you are looking for in a contractor.


The commissioning process is simply a quality-based service that begins during the design and continues through the construction, occupancy and building’s operational phase. Commissioning supplies the building owner with documented confirmation that the new building system is planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in compliance with the owner’s requirements.


But it doesn’t stop there. Retro-commissioning is part of the commissioning process done to existing buildings. It can resolve any problems that have happened during the design or construction of the building. It may also address any issues that have developed through the years. Overall, retro-commissioning improves the operations and maintenance of a building’s services.


Finally, re-commissioning is another part of a building’s commissioning process that occurs to a building undergoing a new commissioning process. A building may be going through a new commissioning process that could be due to a change in the buildings ownership or its use.


The NFPA 3 code recommends active and passive fire protection systems be tested after the original commissioning process to guarantee that the building’s fire safety systems remain operational and work together in the event of a fire.

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