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UVC Light for Ice Machines

UVC Light Disinfection for Ice Machines, counter top ice, and water dispensers are prone to both mold and bacterial contamination. The cool, moist interior of the machines is a perfect breeding-ground for mold. Even worse, it only takes one pair of unwashed hands for dangerous bacteria such as E. coli to contaminate the ice. Conventional cleaning methods are expensive and labor intensive and are only done periodically. 

UVC lights make ice machine maintenance safer, easier and more cost-effective. Germicidal UVC light systems work continuously to kill germs, bacteria, mold, and E. coli before they become established, reducing the need for frequent cleanings. The UVC lighting is designed to produce just the right amount of UVC light; enough to kill germs inside the ice machine without damaging plastic materials inside.


  • Installs in tight spaces and fits all types of ice machines 
  • Weather resistant remote mountable UV lamps with magnetic mounting shield 
  • 110-277 VAC electronic power supply with flexible mounting options 


  • 90% microbes killed after 10 minutes – 99.9% after 24 hours 
  • Saves money on ice machine maintenance 
  • Works continuously to keep ice machines clean 
  • Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses where they lurk 
  • Reduces health risks from dirty ice 
  • Clearer, cleaner ice 



Is UVC lamp output important?
Output is critical because it determines the effectiveness of the designed solution. To effectively clean coils and eliminate biofilm, a UVC device should provide a minimum of 1,225 µW/cm2 of energy striking any point on the coil face of the HVAC on day one and a minimum of 750 µW/cm2 of energy striking any point on the coil face on day 365.

How do you know when to change the UVC Emitters?
For large or critical applications, change out should be performed after about 9,000 hours or 12 months

Does it produce ozone?
No, Steril-Aire devices do not produce ozone or other secondary contaminants

How do you dispose of the used UVC Emitters?
Dispose of them as you would any fluorescent tubes, in compliance with your country, local or state codes

What is the warranty?
The UVC Emitters are warranted for 1 year (9,000 hours).

Can UVC for HVAC contribute to LEED points?
The use of Steril-Aire UVC may contribute to LEED points across multiple project types in one or more of the following areas: Energy and Atmosphere, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation & Design Process and Regional Priorities

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