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Theft Deterrent Wall Mount Hygiene Station


Theft Deterrent Respiratory Hygiene Station

The Theft Deterrent Respiratory Hygiene Station G has a unique theft deterrent mechanism: the sign holder lifts off from the back. At first glance, a thief will not see how to access the consumables on the inside. If they can’t figure out how to take the items immediately, they are more likely to leave them alone.

Our American made, super durable and break resistant Respiratory Hygiene Stations displays all of your infection prevention items prominently for your employees and building visitors and helps to reinforce CDC guidelines for virus prevention. Constructed from super durable 1/4″ thick PETG.

Respiratory Hygiene Station Holds:

  • Two boxes of masks
  • One large box of tissues (or two half sizes) per side, or a tissue/mask combo
  • Pump bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 8.5×11″ sign (print your own sign)
  • Removable drip tray

Respiratory Hygiene Station Mounting Options:

  • Free-Standing: Comes with steel stand with non-slip rubber bumpons
  • Countertop Placement: Comes with 1/2in thick acrylic countertop base with non-slip rubber bumpons


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