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SmartTouch® Disinfectant


SmartTouch® Disinfectant

SmartTouch® is a registered disinfectant on EPA’s List N. Utilizing a unique chemical formulation, SmartTouch® spreads and penetrates both hard and porous surfaces. Ready to use (no mixing required), SmartTouch® has been field tested and shown to eliminate a broad range of viruses and bacteria, including MRSA and H1N1. Just spray, wipe, or fog directly from the bottle. It is gentle to hands and non-corrosive to surfaces.

• EPA Reg. No. 82972-1-88566
• Approved for hospital use
• NSF-registered for no-rinse-required on food-contact surfaces
• Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Proven effective in killing MRSA, Norovirus, Legionella pneumophila, E. coli, H1N1 virus (Swine flu)
• Phosphate-free, free of harsh chemical residue, and is gentle to hands
• Non-corrosive to treated articles
• No added fragrance or perfumes
• Inhibits and keeps mold and mildew from growing for 7 days on hard and soft surfaces
• Kills 99.999% of bacteria on hard non-porous surfaces
• Kills 19 microorganisms
• 1 unit = 1 gallon

With SmartTouch®, there is no need to use bleach or other harsh chemicals that increase VOCs in your environment. This disinfectant effectively eliminates allergens and reduces the spread of pathogens on treated surfaces at facilities.
SmartTouch® meets the EPA’s emerging viral pathogen requirements for viruses, showing efficacy against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, both large and small. SmartTouch® kills 99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on hard, non-porous surfaces in 5 minutes.


How many square feet does a gallon cover? 1 Ready to Use gallon covers 4000 sq ft using an electrostatic sprayer, about 3000 sq ft with a pump sprayer and 2500 sq ft with a spray bottle.

Is it EPA registered? Yes

Is it safe for food surfaces? Yes.

Why does it say “up to 90 days’? High touch surfaces might wear down quicker than areas such as walls or side of furniture, so those areas (door knobs, hand rails, elevator buttons, faucets, etc..) would most likely need to be sprayed more frequently.

Do we still need to disinfect? Yes, but not as frequently once SmartTouch Disinfectant is applied. The nanospikes, once dried, inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surfaces where applied, porous and non-porous.

Is this safe for clothes and furniture? Yes. It can be applied to the laundry process and once dry, has the same antimicrobial benefits as it has on surfaces. It can also be sprayed on curtains and furniture. An electrostatic sprayer is recommended so water droplets are finer and create better coverage.

Can SmartTouch Disinfectant be applied outside? Yes. It can be applied to outside equipment, walkways, buildings, doors, playgrounds, handles, walls, etc.

Can SmartTouch Disinfectant be applied in drains and water lines? Yes, but the solution has to be able to dry in order to be effective, so make sure enough time is allotted for it to completely dry (3 minutes) before utilizing an area that is prone to wetness.

Does it protect against COVID-19? We do not have conclusive test data specifically against this strain of coronavirus because it is so new, but this molecule has been tested against other coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. It also protects against bacteria, which are typically more difficult to kill than viruses.

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