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Electrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer


LuxElectroStatic (powered by InCharged) Electrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer is an electrostatic spray cleaning mechanism that electrically charges the chemical solution so that when released the solution quickly bonds to surfaces instead of falling straight to the floor. This technology, typically used to sterilize offices, restaurants, universities and public transportation, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times thanks to LuxElectroStatic.


LEAD TIME: Estimated 6-8 weeks until product is available to ship – we are working on expediting this process to get products to those in need ASAP. We appreciate your patience. Please reach out to [email protected] for inquiries regarding bulk orders or reselling.

ORDER FULFILLMENT: We’re committed to providing first responders and high-risk organizations in our community with priority access to our units. Your order fulfillment timeline may fluctuate based on the needs of these essential groups. We appreciate your patience. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Weight: 15 lbs

Packaged Dimensions: 28″ x 10.5″ x 26″

Tank Capacity: 16 liters

Range: Up to 6 ft

Finish: Matte white + black

Material: Plastic

Power: Lithium Battery-operated


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