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UV Water Disinfection

UV Water Disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) light has a long history of use as a very effective way to disinfect water from disease-causing pathogens such as E.coli and dozens of others. UV is a chemical-free method of sterilizing drinking water that is extremely efficient, eco-friendly and inexpensive to own.

These Water Treatment Systems, installed at the point of entry, is ideal for commercial and industrial operations where the drinking water is supplied by a well or drawn from surface water. It will purify the water of most contaminants found in groundwater and surface water, especially sediments, low to normal levels of iron and manganese and pesticides as well as taste and odor, including Sulphur smell. Harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and
protozoa are killed with a powerful UV disinfection dose that will inactivate the pathogens at a kill rate of >99.9%.

Integrated systems may be panel-mounted with filtration and water conditioning options, while some systems may be mounted on a stainless steel floor skid to accommodate various high flow filtration tanks and other subsystems

UV Water Disinfection and Purification System Benefits:

  • No need to handle potentially dangerous chemicals (chlorine)
  • Virtually immediate disinfection (no contact tanks like chlorine)
  • Low power consumption Environmentally friendly (no disinfection by-products)
  • No moving parts to wear out or replace UV does not change the taste or odor of the water
  • Lower equipment investment verses other disinfection options Simple maintenance (with proper pre-treatment).
  • Emitter lifecycle of up to 10,000 hours (approximately 1-year) of continuous use

UV Water Disinfection Options To Suit Your Needs Depending On The Size Of Your Facility Including:

  • 8 GPM System perfect for the small office
  • 12 GPM System perfect foe medium office spaces / small industrial spaces
  • 30 GPM System perfect for larger commercial space / medium sized industrial spaces
  • 100 GPM for large commercial and industrial spaces


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