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    About LSS Holdings

    At LSS Holdings, our mission is safety.

    We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of your facilities, occupants and employees. We are proud to be your partner and appreciate your trust and your commitment to safety.

    About Our Brands:

    Hughes Environmental

    Working with Hughes, you can expect technicians that are trained, certified and up-to-date on common best practices. That means terms like virus disinfection, lockout/tagout, proper equipment, antistatic, intrinsically safe, and grounding aren’t just safety buzzwords to us. For Hughes Environmental, those things are a part of our day-to-day routine when we perform Environmental Facility Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Ceiling & Rafter Cleaning, and Combustible Dust Remediation. That’s why we’re proud to be HAZWOPER certified and a National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association (NADCA) certified company who has earned their prestigious “Outstanding Safety Award” every year that we’ve been in business.

    Hughes Environmental Statement Of Qualifications: SOQ 2020 COMPLETE FACILITY CLEANING3.26.19

    LSS Life Safety Services®

    LSS Life Safety Services® (LSS) is an industry leader in UVC Lighting Solutions, Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Repair Services, Fire Door Inspections, and Firestopping throughout all of the United States. LSS provides our clients with the best trained staff in the industry. Our technicians have extensive training-both formal and on-the-job. By performing work throughout the country and in all types of commercial facilities, our project managers and technicians are highly knowledgeable in fire safety systems and have a complete understanding of the codes and requirements that mandate that these systems be maintained. We also provide our clients with the benefit of project managers that have worked in virtually all types of commercial buildings; hospitals, high-rise buildings, casinos, manufacturing plants, hotels, vessels, laboratories and schools. Additionally, our staff has completed OSHA Safety Training, manufacturer training, hold multiple industry-specific certifications and undergo strict drug screening and background checks.

    Statement Of Qualifications: 2020 Statement of Qualifications_March_2020

    Safenetix – Coming May, 2020

    Born from some of the sharpest minds in the safety industry, Safenetix has one mission: making the world safer, one building at a time.  At our core, we are a safety training and certification company, leveraging the latest technology to equip our clients with the skillsets they need to ensure that the installation, inspection and best safety practices in facilities are carried out properly, effectively and consistently. Because we are a recognized industry certification provider, you’ll be certain that your facility has the training available that they need, when they need it. Once you’re trained, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to perform the inspection in the field. Our state-of-the-art mobile inspection app makes it easy for you to complete code-mandated inspections with the reporting requirements needed to satisfy your AHJ. Look for more information about Safenetix in the months to come.


    For more information about LSS Holdings and how we can help you maintain safe buildings, please contact us at 888-675-4519

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