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How To Pass An Overhead Door Inspection

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Rolling garage door systems are a popular fixture in many commercial and industrial facilities. But, how do you ensure these doors retain their optimal reliability and safety? 

Regular overhead door inspections are the key to maintaining your rolling doors. These inspections are important for all types of overhead doors, from rolling steel curtains to high-speed fire doors, or anything in between. 

But, what can you expect from your door inspections? Are they really that important? This guide will ensure your inspection will go your way.

What To Expect From Your Overhead Door Inspection

Regular inspections are an important part of regular overhead door maintenance. It is possible to do some regular inspections yourself. These can help you determine any potential problems so you can get repairs done before any major damage occurs.

Expert inspections will ensure your overhead doors will meet all fire and safety codes. Before booking your inspection, it is important to know what your inspector will be looking for. This will help you be prepared.

Common Inspection Problems 

Before any expert inspection, you should keep an eye out for some common problems. Look for broken parts or any noticeable damages. Obviously, these will need to be fixed before you can meet safety codes.

Other problems you may notice include improper performance or odd noises. If your overhead doors are moving slower or sounding louder than usual, this is likely a sign of a structural problem. 

In some cases, these problems will come with easy fixes, such as cleaning or lubricant. In other cases, serious garage door repair may be necessary before codes can be reached. 

It can be helpful to make an overhead door inspection checklist. Run through common door problems when performing your in-house visual inspection. 

What’s Included in an Expert Inspection?

When booking an expert inspection, there are a few things that your inspector will be looking for. Areas you should pay special attention to include:

  • Roller tracks and structure
  • Door function
  • Garage door seals
  • Motion and pressure sensors
  • The motor

Professional inspectors want to be sure your overhead doors are safe. In order to this, they need to be functioning properly. Inspectors will look at all functional areas of the door to ensure everything is in working order. 

How Often Should You Get an Inspection?

Professional inspections should be performed on a yearly basis. Annual overhead door inspection will keep your commercial property up-to-code on all fire and life safety measures.

At-home visual inspections should be conducted on a more frequent basis. Keeping an eye on your overhead door assembly can save you time and money. With regular inspection, you can catch any problems or damages before they get too bad. 

Schedule Your Overhead Door Inspection Today!

Overhead door inspection is an important part of being a responsible business owner. They’re also imperative for obtaining the proper codes and licensing. Place your trust in the experts. 

Contact us to schedule your annual overhead door inspection today. We can help make sure your commercial doors are up-to-code. 

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