Fire Damper and Smoke Damper Repair and Installation

According to LSS statistics, on average, nearly 22% of dampers fail during a routine fire and smoke damper inspection, so it is not uncommon to have a list of dampers that are deficient and need repairing after testing is performed in your facility. LSS’ technicians are familiar with the many fire and smoke damper makes and models that are currently in use across the U.S. and Canada and have been through extensive damper repair training with major industry manufacturers such as Belimo, Lloyds, Ruskin and Greenheck. Few companies can bring you the peace of mind that LSS can when it comes to fire and smoke damper repairs.

Damper Repairs and Code Requirements

The NFPA states that should a damper be found deficient during routine maintenance and inspection, repair should begin as soon as possible. Per requirements of NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, LSS repair services can ensure your dampers are working properly and are code compliant. Damper repair services include:

  • Smoke damper and combination fire/smoke damper actuator replacement
  • Fire damper installation
  • Smoke damper installation
  • Combination fire/smoke damper installation
  • Damper repairs
    • Adjustments to damper linkage
    • Adjustments to internal components to allow closure
    • Adjustments and repairs to damper tracks that are binding and prohibiting closure
    • Repairing broken tabs on damper
  • Access door installation, both sheet metal and hard ceiling access
  • Web-based reporting software via LSS Site Surveyor® with before and after photos and additional information about the repair
  • Stay in compliance with local and state building codes by contracting with the company that is an expert in passive fire protection systems and repairs. For more information about fire and smoke damper repairs or to learn more about damper inspections, contact us today.