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    Combustible Dust Cleaning

    Picture of combustible dust buildup

    Combustible Dust Buildup

    Combustible Dust, also known as explosive dust, cleaning is a required preventative maintenance program in manufacturing and production facilities to prevent safety hazards, possible fires and explosions. This type of cleaning also helps preserve proper indoor air quality.

    Combustible Dust is a fine particulate dust, which is generated from wood, metal, grain, agricultural, chemical, plastic, paper and carbonaceous products. In return, dust is generated and accumulates on all equipment and facility structure surfaces.

    This fine powder dust, which is suspended on higher, inaccessible and unnoticeable surfaces, is the most problematic.

    Combustible Dust can impact a facility’s workers’ health, leading to illnesses and injuries.

    Is your dust combustible?

    -Wood and Sawdust
    -Plastic and Rubbers
    -Coal and other Fossil Fuels
    -Sugars, Grains and Food


    In OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program, two of the most common citations were the use of compressed air to blow down combustible dust, and improper housekeeping, including combustible dust accumulation. LSS abides by standards set by the NFPA, NADCA, and OSHA when performing combustible dust cleaning.

    Focus on Safety

    LSS Environmental Technicians use proper PPE and are trained in OSHA’s 10-hour or 30-hour Safety, Aerial Lifts, Confined Spaces, First Aid, CPR and Combustible Dust Safety and Awareness.



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