Life Safety Reporting

    Centralize Your Data.

    reportingLSS’ custom inspection software, LSS Site Surveyor ®, supports sustainability by allowing you to eliminate paper inspection records once and for all. All on-line, all easy to use, all ready to present to your AHJ to prove compliance with building and fire codes, LSS Site Surveyor® produces the most comprehensive inspection report in the business.



    LSS Site Surveyor ® allows you to access inspection reports instantly from the web via your own customer portal

    Grant user rights and access levels to different members of your team

    Download and export inspection results in numerous formats, such as PDF & Excel

    Click through “before” and “after” pictures of every inspection and installation performed by LSS, which provides visual proof that the service was performed

    Filter inspection results by any combination imaginable: location, building, department/area, floor, damper, door, penetration type, inspection results, reason for failure, etc.

    Store AutoCAD files on a cloud-based portal, ensuring your can find your drawings when you need them.

    Go paperless! Reduce paper filing cabinet space and support your company’s sustainability efforts by housing and assessing all inspection and installation records in the clouds.

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