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    On-Demand Webinar: UVC on Coils and ROI For Energy Efficiency

    Germicidal UVC is designed to save energy and maintenance costs associated with HVAC Systems. Mold (biofilm) on coils of only 0.002 can reduce efficiency by 37%. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the most cost-effective and practical solution.

    On-Demand Webinar: Hughes Environmental Decontamination Protocol for Infections

    As businesses continue to slowly reopen their doors to employees and the public, now is the time to take extra measures to ensure that your facility has a strong decontamination plan put in place.

    On-Demand Webinar: Guidance Maintaining Fire Protection Systems In 2020

    Even during difficult times, facilities across the United States are still required by the NFPA and the AHJ to keep their Fire Protection Systems up to code. We know you strive to keep your building's occupants safe and sound from all threats, including fires.

    On-Demand Webinar: Back To School For Colleges & Universities

    Prepare your college or university for a new semester. We know things will be different moving forward. We can help make your staff, students, and visitors feel safe going back to school for colleges and universities.

    On-Demand Webinar: UVC & Deep Clean for Industrial Facilities

    Now is the perfect time to consider using UVC Disinfectant lighting in your industrial facility. Odds are, your employees are now back to work in your facilities and we know in some industrial settings it is very difficult to practice social distancing.

    On-Demand Webinar: UVC Disinfection Systems In Medical & Dental Offices

    In settings such as medical offices, and dentist facilities airborne pathogens can be spread by the air system threatening the health of patrons and exposing facility owners to liability risks. UVC light disinfection reduces risk of infections significantly.

    On-Demand Webinar: UV Disinfection in the Meat Processing & Food Industry

    Prevent mold, bacteria, yeast and viruses from contaminating food, meat and beverage products from the preparation of raw materials through processing, curing, packaging, transportation and storage.

    On-Demand Webinar: Steps To Get Your Building Ready For Employees To Come Back To Work

    Over the next several weeks and months, as areas stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, organizations will begin to bring employees back into the physical workplace and open businesses to customers.

    On-Demand Webinar: IAQ and Airborne Disinfection for Schools With UVC Lighting

    IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and Airborne Disinfection for Schools and Universities are serious issues during the current pandemic. By leveraging UVC Light Disinfection solutions, you can control airborne infections like COVID-19 (coronavirus).

    On-Demand Webinar: Using UVGI Lighting to Re-Sterilize N95 Face Masks

    Nebraska Medicine has created a procedure to extend the stockpile of N95 filtering face piece respirators involving the delivery of Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Research shows that UVGI has been shown to effectively inactivate the coronavirus (COVID-19) and other other respiratory viruses.

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