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    About LSS Life Safety Services®

    LSS-Logo-MockUpLSS Life Safety Services® (LSS) is an industry leader in fire and life safety services throughout all of the United States.  LSS provides our clients with the best trained staff in the industry.  Our technicians have extensive training-both formal and on-the-job.  By performing work throughout the country and in all types of commercial facilities, our project managers and technicians are highly knowledgeable in fire safety systems and have a complete understanding of the codes and requirements that mandate that these systems be maintained.  We also provide our clients with the benefit of project managers that have worked in virtually all types of commercial buildings; hospitals, high-rise buildings, casinos, manufacturing plants, hotels, vessels, laboratories and schools.  Additionally, our staff has completed OSHA Safety Training, manufacturer training, hold multiple industry-specific certifications and undergo strict drug screening and background checks.


    Memberships and Certifications

    LSS is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE), the International Firestop Contractor’s Association (FCIA), the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), and many other local and state organizations and industry-specific groups. Additionally, LSS is an FM 4991 approved firestop contactor and has multiple certified fire door inspectors on staff.  These highly respected memberships and certifications help us keep current with industry trends and any new code requirements that pertain to fire and smoke damper inspections, fire door inspections and barrier management services.

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    When looking for the contractor to perform fire safety services in your facility, look for a company that is a specialist and an industry leader – LSS Life Safety Services®.

    Corporate Office

    908 S 8th Street, Suite 500
    Louisville, Kentucky 40203

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